10 year span of ED

Age: 21
ED: Anorexia
Height: 5'8.5'
LW: 86
HW 141

I got asked by someone if they could see some photos of me growing up, and from the start of my anorexia at about 10 years old, until now at 21. you might recognise me cause I have posted before, but I've never posted a complete span of my disorder before, so I figured I would throw it in. I dont have a lot from my early teens because i didnt have a digital camera, so the few I have were from modelling stuff. In just going to combine the 2 requests into a big photo post going from me being little, until now.

So, here I am this time last year:

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aGE: 20

LW:128 (after surgury and 14 so i don't know if that counts..)



ED: Bulimic with anorexic tendancies (recovered since diagnosis, minorly anorexic tendancies when stressed right now.)

i hope this works... i don't really know how to put photos in.
the photo explains it all.
the sad fucked up thing is that i see the SAME DAMN THING looking in the mirror now as i see in the oldest photos here. comparing photos i see a difference but in the mirror it's all the same bloated, inflated, chubster looking person. ughhh.
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Back on the Roller Coaster

Hello ladies. I'm back from about a year of absence.

Name: Kristen
Age: 19
Height: Five foot three
HW: 150
LW: 120
CW: 142.5
GW: 110

I've always had issues with my body image and food. From the time I was 12 I was alternatively being obsessed about losing weight and then being depressed and binge eating. Over the spring and summer of 2008 I was most strict about my eating. I lost 25 pounds from March to August. Then I started school, and started eating normally again, and gained 17 lb.s of it back between September of 2008 until now. I would really like get down to my all time goal weight, 110. My sister's private wedding ceremony is in late November, and I would like to get down to 130-135 by then. Her big wedding reception is in mid-December (yeah its strange, we are basically doing that to keep from offending people, as her real wedding ceremony will only include her and her fiancé's immediate family) and I would like to be down to 120-125 by then. No nakie photos, but undies.

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progress me

Okay this is my progress, i have gained wieght but have pics of me two months ago and then ones now. so yes the end ones are fatter then the middle ones lol. im wokrin on it.

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be brutally honest girls
cheers xxxx


*name: kristina
*age: 20
*height: 5'2
*hw: 171
*lw: 145
*cw: 164.4
*gw: 105
*pictures: I'll post pics when I feel like I've actually made progress.. I'm at the point right now where I RARELY go out in public because I'm so disgusted with myself.


Why is it that my camera breaks the night i decide to start with the picture progress?
why why why?

Does anyone know how to get pictures from a cellphone onto the computer? It doesn't have a mem card =(

CW 128.5 from 131lbs (starting)