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Before and After

.. progress pictures.

progress pictures
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This is a community for people with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, ed-nos, COE etc) to post progress pictures of their weight loss. If you do not have an eating disorder do not join this community.


♥ all posts must have progress pictures, they don’t just have to be yours, they can also be celebrities, models etc. But real life stuff is always better.

♥ If you post more than one pic, or a large pic please use the LJ cut

♥ to let us know that you have joined please fill out this survey and post it behind a cut.
*name: (if you like)
*pictures: (you don’t have to post a picture for your first introduction post)

Community Mods are: spitsatmirrors, whocupidkilled, keptwords, _bodysculptor